About Sukartean

xabi-workshopSukartean is a tourism company designated in offering gastronomic experiences of the very highest quality in keeping with traditions and cultural origins of this beautiful and breathtaking region. It is our promise to provide an unforgettable visitor experience. Included in the package, Sukartean provides transport from Pamplona to the chosen area, accommodation in charming hotels, apartments and rural houses and above all a gastro-cultural experience that is truly enriching. With Sukartean you will gain knowledge from age old traditions and the most authentic gastronomy of each zone. You will interact with the people of the region and learn their customs and get to know the huge variety of products that are cultivated in the fields and land of the community, many with their own qualified designation of origin. In our workshops you will learn how to cook classic dishes of the region along with the local folk and sample them thereafter, or enjoy a tasting of products from wine to olive oil in the visits to different wineries and olive groves. As we consider it very important to give a personal and exclusive service, the majority of our packages are designed for small separate groups to deliver a personal experience which reflects the family like service given by our suppliers who invite us into their holdings. To provide our top quality service, we have outlined closed packages so that the package you have designed remains as such, guaranteeing the package you’ve paid for. If you wish for something more personalised, we can design your own exclusive package. Contact us by telephone or email.